AfricaX Changemaker Interviews

How Desmond Koney founded Complete Farmer, a crowdfarming platform in Ghana allowing anyone to become a farmer from the comfort of their home

Complete Farmer is a crowdfarming platform founded and based in Ghana that makes it easier to source for quality farm produce in the African market and at the same time, allows anyone to fund a farming cycle as a crowdfarmer from their smartphone, get regular updates about the farm, sign up for an in person…

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AfricaX Changemaker Interviews Wiatta Thomas - Dare to Innovate and Aquafarms Africa

How Wiatta Thomas helps launch dozens of privat sector impact businesses through their non-profit incubator Dare to Innovate in Conakry, Guinea

Wiatta was born and raised in the United States of America, but has her roots in Liberia and Sierra Leone. During her last year in university, she took three courses (Ecology, Sociology of Economics, and African Economics) that significantly changed the course of her life. It is during this time that she realised that the…

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