Chukwuemeka Ndukwe: Crowdfunding affordable homes built with alternative materials with Cofundie
In this episode meet Chukwuemeka Ndukwe, co-founder of Cofundie, a real estate platform operating in Ghana and Nigeria. When we interviewed Emeka back in 2019 they were just about to fund their first project and deliver their proof of concept for crowdfunding real estate projects implemented with alternative materials such as rammed earth. In the […]
EatDrinkLagos: From Food Blog to Festival to Event Tech Company with Nosa and Folayemi
In this episode, meet Nosa Oyegun and Folayemi Agusto, the Co- Founders of EatDrinkLagos, a food website that allows residents and visitors in Lagos to find places to eat and drink, and find information about Nigerian food, including restaurant reviews and articles.
WeMove Technologies: Building Technology for Transportation in Nigeria with Chima Ezeokoye
In this episode, meet Chima Ezeokoye, co-founder at WeMove Technologies, a Tech Startup Building Solutions for Mobility and Transportation in Nigeria, including the possibility to hire agricultural equipment, cars, busses and trucks etc. In the interview Chima shares... What his personal learning journey was from his first beginnings in business to becoming co-founder of the […]
IndiLang: Creating an indiginous content platform for children with Zamaswazi Mfusi
In this episode meet Zamaswazi Mfusi the founder of IndiLang, a platform for delivering indigenous content tailored to African children. In the interview we did with Zamaswazi Mfusi, she shares: what inspired her to create content for children on the African continentwhat challenges she faced in launching her projectand what her advice to young South […]
Bjorn Wiedow – Teaching Youth Coding, Design & Digital Fabrication with ROBOT School Namibia
In this episode, meet Bjorn Wiedow, the co-founder of Robot school Namibia. So at the Robotschool Namibia the from about eight year olds are being taught the the curriculum from university in software, coding, design, robotics and digital fabrication. In the interview Bjorn shares: How the Robotschool business model works and how they came up […]
Sizwe Cele: Building things and solving problems around transportation and internet access in South Africa with Khomba and Socly
In this episode, meet Sizwe Cele, the co-founder of Khomba, a startup tackling the optimization of transportation with mini busses in South Africa. More than anything Sizwe seems to love to build products and solutions for all sorts of problems he comes across. In his early twenties, he built a product to lend out heavy […]