You are currently viewing Chekkit: Protecting Consumers & Companies from Counterfeit Products with Tosin Adelowo & Dare Odumade

Chekkit: Protecting Consumers & Companies from Counterfeit Products with Tosin Adelowo & Dare Odumade

In this episode, we speak with two entrepreneurs, Tosin Adelowo & Dare Odumade, that have built a business that is dedicated to making sure that you and your loved ones are staying healthy in the new year.

Their business Chekkit is an anti-counterfeiting platform that helps consumers make sure that the goods they are consuming, be it medicine or beverages or cosmetics are authentic i.e. with USSD or QR codes and that helps companies make sure that their products are arriving at their intended destination without having been tempered with.

Now this is not a small issue.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die due to #counterfeited drugs and Africa is heavily affected.

Chekkit tackles this by a solution built on a blockchain for maximum security and transparency that allows both consumers and manufacturers to track the products end to end from factory to retail point using a variety of techniques to ensure that the products moved with Chekkit are tamperproof.

In the interview we speak about

  • How they came up with the idea
  • How they managed to build a sustainable business with massive #impact in a short amount of time
  • Which philosophies and mindset guide them in their entrepreneurial journey
  • And what role partnerships play in their business to #scale …

We also speak about the prospect of African entrepreneurs, solving African problems but also exporting African solutions abroad and so much more.

There is a ton of gold in this interview and we hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

And now, without further ado, enter Tosin and Dare.

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Thomas is initiator of, co-founder of ecological sanitation company EcoToiletten, digital automation agency Strandschicht and the non-profit tackling youth empowerment YES Founders Foundation. He co-authored a book on Youth-led Changemaking and coaches entrepreneurs on resilience and mental well-being.