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How Karima Grant Creates Changemakers and Systemic Change in Education with Kër ImagiNation & ImagiNation Afrika

Meet Karima Grant, the co-founder of Kër ImagiNation Playschools & founder of ImagiNation Afrika.

Karima’s vision is a world where African children become changemakers to solve the problems of development.

With Kër ImagiNation she and her team design, test and implement innovative educational programs and environments that integrate play-based learning, hands-on approaches, problem solving, as well as local culture to help children develop their creative and critical thinking and become changemakers.

When we visited her in Dakar they had just run a program with the theme ‘mad scientist’ where the children got to explore robotics and a whole bunch of hands on STEAM activities around the theme. Kër ImagiNation also runs children’s exhibitions and programs for parents.

With ImagiNation Africa, the sort of bigger umbrella organization, Karima tackles the ecosystem aspects of changing education to achieve systems change and redefine how we see the potential of children and how we can shape environments that really enable children to develop and tap into their potential.

In the interview, during which Karima shows us through the Kër ImagiNation Playschool, we speak about:

★ How she came up with the idea

★ What her observations are about how to enable children to thrive

★ Paradigm shifts needed in education to create the conscious leaders of today and the future

★ How she managed to turn her passion for creating changemakers into a social enterprise

And so much more.

Listening to Karima speak about what learning environments for children could look like is super inspiring, insightful and fun.

And so we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did. Enter Karima Grant ….

P.S.: Watch the teaser of the interview with Karima Grant on Youtube HERE and


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