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How Chérif Tall started The Hub Dakar and House of Jouvence

Meet Chérif Tall, the founder of production company House of Jouvence and The Hub Dakar an Art & Culture Club, Café, Lounge and Gallery in the heart of Senegal’s capital.

In the interview Chérif shares about:

  • How his journey led him from a childhood dream to build a school for the arts to founding The Hub Dakar
  • How his mentors influenced him to become a changemaker
  • Why at some point he saw more potential for his development and making an impact in Senegal than in the US
  • And, from his own experience, how Mental health and business are inseparable and what his own challenges taught him

He also talks about what young people should look out for or avoid when adopting role models and what his advice for young people in Senegal is.

There is a lot of gold and food for thought in this very candid conversation and we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

And now, without further ado, enter Chérif Tall.


Thomas is initiator of, co-founder of ecological sanitation company EcoToiletten, digital automation agency Strandschicht and the non-profit tackling youth empowerment YES Founders Foundation. He co-authored a book on Youth-led Changemaking and coaches entrepreneurs on resilience and mental well-being.