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How Ervina Nina Clinton is empowering young people with Liberian Threads

Meet Ervina Nina Clinton who has started Liberian Threads Incorporated, a manufacturing company using local fabric to create products for the local market and engaging young people to help them discover and develop their talents and see that they can do something, that they can contribute and that they don’t have to be idle or dependent on others.

Ervina herself got inspired by a young girl that sold groundnut candy. She saw this young girl selling the candy over many years on her way to school. And she saw that the girl somehow managed to do well with something as simple as selling those groundnuts. It inspired her and gave her courage to start her own business. 

In the interview Ervina shares

  • how she started her business from scratch with the savings from two salaries
  • how she got her first customers
  • which challenges she is facing in business and …
  • what her vision is to empower even more young people. 

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did. And now, without further ado, enter Ervina Nina Clinton. 


Thomas is initiator of, co-founder of ecological sanitation company EcoToiletten, digital automation agency Strandschicht and the non-profit tackling youth empowerment YES Founders Foundation. He co-authored a book on Youth-led Changemaking and coaches entrepreneurs on resilience and mental well-being.