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How Tomisin Adeshiyan brings Payment Security to Online Transactions with Nigerian Fintech Vesicash

Meet Tomisin Adeshiyan, co-founder of Vesicash, a company that is focused on providing payment security for people in online transactions, with their flagship product being a digital escrow service that allows people to make sure that they get the value that they’ve paid for.

The idea for the business stems from a personal need of Tomisin and his founding team. They had worked as freelancers and they’ve had instances where they delivered gigs to clients but then had difficulty getting their money for what they delivered. On the other hand, an escrow service can also effectively protect buyers from getting ripped off.

For example: When we bought a drone in Lagos for aerial shots on our AfricaX trip, we got to experience how tricky it could be to pay cash on delivery. In the end, we met the seller in a busy café and handed over a shoebox filled with cash taking about thirty minutes just counting bills before the deal was sealed. So you can imagine that e-commerce needs better payment solutions to really thrive. Tomisin and and his team are building those exact solutions.

In the interview we speak about:

★ How they started their business through the MEST accelerator program
★ Which roles non-technical founders play in starting tech businesses and
★ Why companies wanting to make business in Nigeria will fail if they don’t build their solutions specifically for the Nigerian market #thinknigeriafirst

There a lot of insights for up and coming entrepreneurs in this interview with Tomisin.

So we hope you enjoy the full interview with him. And now, without further ado, enter Tomisin….


Thomas is initiator of, co-founder of ecological sanitation company EcoToiletten, digital automation agency Strandschicht and the non-profit tackling youth empowerment YES Founders Foundation. He co-authored a book on Youth-led Changemaking and coaches entrepreneurs on resilience and mental well-being.