How her Daughter Inspired Zodidi Gaseb to start Holistic Skin and Hair Care Company African Naturals
Meet Zodidi Gaseb, the founder of African Naturals a Namibian company producing skin and hair care products, made from plant based, organic ingredients.  In the interview Zodidi shares:  How her daughter led her to start the company when Zodidi realised that to teach self-acceptance she had to live it for herselfShe shares how she launched the business from her kitchen […]
Snapslip: Digitizing Receipts to Save Paper and Provide Consumer Insights with Lynton Naicker
Meet Lynton Naicker, the co-founder of Snapslip a digital receipting and analytics platform that allows for endusers to receive digital receipts on their purchases and for stores to save money on receipt printing while also giving them detailed consumer insights and analytics.  In the interview Lynton shares:  How him and his co-founder managed to pilot the business in […]
BezoMoney: Digitizing Traditional Savings Groups & Driving Financial Inclusion with Mubarak Sumaila
Meet Mubarak Sumaila, co-founder of BezoMoney, a business in Ghana that is Digitizing Traditional Savings Groups, helping group members to build a favourable credit history and getting access to formal financial products and services.  They also run a financial literacy platform that provides practical information on how to grow and manage your finances. In the interview […]
The Nut Place: Bringing Healthy Affordable Special Diet Food Options to Nigeria with Chigozie Bashua
Meet Chigozie Bashua, the founder of The Nut Place, a nut processing company in Nigeria that processes edible nuts into gluten free products for middle and low income earners and helps people that are on a special diet to have access to healthy and affordable food options. In the interview Chigozie shares about: How she came across […]
How Macoumba Diagne Cleans up Senegal & Transforms Waste into Wealth with Proplast Industrie
Meet Macoumba Diagne the co-founder and CEO of Proplast Industrie, a company that helps collect and recycle plastic to then help create new products from this recycled plastic for the local market. In the interview Macoumba shares: How he transformed himself from a manager in the corporate world to a social entrepreneur and the head of a waste management companyHow […]
LiFi-Led: Bringing Light and Internet to rural regions in Côte d’Ivoire with Cédric Doffou
Meet Cédric Doffou the co-founder of LiFi-Led an Ivorian company bringing light and internet to rural areas in Côte d’Ivoire. In the interview Cédric shares How their products and solutions tackle two challenges of the rural areas at the same timeHow an experience of his co-founder and mentor Ange Frederick Balma led them to start […]