Upcycling in Senegal: How Selly Wane transforms trash into furniture with SWANE-Design
In this episode, meet Selly Wane, the founder of SWANE-Design, an upcycling business transforming trash into furniture and creating an ecological and social impact in the process. As a child Selly had always been fascinated by people who were transforming trash into something useful. And being interested in sustainability but also design, it comes as […]
Kaveto Tjatjara: Bringing Ecological Sanitation to Namibia with Worldview Technology
In this episode, meet Kaveto Tjatjara, the Founder of Worldview Technology. With 54% of Namibians living without access to adequate sanitation, Worldview Technology is on a mission to provide sanitation for all, especially for the urban poor population by use of ecological, sustainable sanitation solutions. In the interview Kaveto shares: 1. His experience with lack […]
Melkies Ausiku: Changing Urban Mobility in Namibia with LEFA Transportation Services
In this episode, meet Melkisedek Melkies Ausiku, founder of LEFA Transportation Services, an urban mobility startup connecting passengers on the one hand with drivers on the other, to make moving around Windhoek and Namibia more convenient and safe. In the interview Melkies shares about his first experience using Uber in South Africa and how the […]
How Sebastian Patel is driving financial inclusion in South Africa with the Franc Investment App
In this interview, meet Sebastian Patel, co-founder of Franc, an investment app in South Africa with the aim of promoting financial inclusion by removing minimum investment amounts and taking the complexity out of putting your money to work for you. In the interview we speak about: How the business was born and how they financed […]
How Ervina Nina Clinton is empowering young people with Liberian Threads
Meet Ervina Nina Clinton who has started Liberian Threads Incorporated, a manufacturing company using local fabric to create products for the local market and engaging young people to help them discover and develop their talents and see that they can do something, that they can contribute and that they don’t have to be idle or dependent on others. […]
My Virtual Planning: Online Sexual Education in the DRC with Ulrich Kouesso and Flore Yemdjie
Meet Ulrich Kouesso and Flore Yemdjie, the co-founders of My Virtual Planning, a social enterprise helping youth to prevent unwanted pregnancy and infections by doing online sexual education, giving individualised advice and sharing safe practices. In the interview they share:  How they came up with the idea and why they chose an online format for sexual educationHow they launched […]