How we did Morocco in 2 weeks
6 min read Two weeks ago, I could not drive a stick to save a life. Past tense. As over the past two weeks I have reacquainted myself with driving a manual car since hitting Morocco. The plan was always that Thomas would get on the Zero and I would follow closely behind with Jolene. […]
Engaged, a 90s movie and Men’s Perfume – Crossing over into Morocco
6 min read I am writing this from a less known guest house on the outskirts of Casablanca, Morocco. When we first saw La Petite Ferme on, it was not my first choice to be honest, but Thomas loved it instantly. And I am glad we went with it even though it did not look […]
Dolly Parton, Working and Twerking – Greetings from Barcelona
5 min read Yesterday was our first very intense driving session. We left Amsterdam at 9:00 am and arrived in Barcelona at 2:00 am. That's a total of...17 hours on the road. It took me ten minutes to calculate that, not because I am bad at Math, but because Thomas is distracting me with his […]
What my experience of Africa has in common with a Netflix subscription
5 min read Hi, my name is Dulcie, and I am an African who has never been to Africa. Well, technically never been to Africa. You see, I was born and raised in Kenya, lived there for 22 years before moving to Germany in 2017. And in those 22 years, I never once traveled to […]