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How Macoumba Diagne Cleans up Senegal & Transforms Waste into Wealth with Proplast Industrie

Meet Macoumba Diagne the co-founder and CEO of Proplast Industrie, a company that helps collect and recycle plastic to then help create new products from this recycled plastic for the local market. In the interview Macoumba shares: How he transformed himself from a manager in the corporate world to a social entrepreneur and the head of a waste management company…

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How Evariste Aohoui leveraged Co-Creation to build PARO-CI, an e-waste management company, in Abidjan from scratch

An Ashoka Fellow and previous French Teacher, Evariste Aohoui started PARO CI in 2011 because he was tired of how dirty Abidjan was. Initially, they did small and specific activities like cleanups as volunteers, taking the opportunity to sensitise people about keeping the environment clean. Later on is when they started to focus on e-waste…

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