You are currently viewing How Satta Wahab started Liberia’s first hair care company for African natural hair with just 100$

How Satta Wahab started Liberia’s first hair care company for African natural hair with just 100$

Meet Satta Wahab, the founder of Naz Naturals in Monrovia, Liberia

Satta started her hair care company for natural African hair with just a 100 Dollars.

She noticed there was a gap in the market, after she ‘went natural’ herself. Trying to find the products she needed for this transition, she realised that the products for natural hair in Liberia were all imported and super expensive. So she did her research and started making her own.

Things started picking up, when her friends at university started asking her about the products. At first she gave her friends the products for free, but then eventually turned it into a business, when people didn’t stop asking for more of her creations.

“ For me it is about giving young women the chance. So it is not like I am gonna capitalise on this thing and get rich in a day. I don’t want to get rich in a day. I want young women to experience their natural hair and feel beautiful, empowered and confident. “ – Satta Wahab


As of today, Satta has upped her production, onboarded and trained a whole team of brand ambassadors and Naz Naturals has become the Go-To-Brand for every young women wanting to go natural in Liberia.

In the interview with Satta, we speak about goalsetting, mentors, personal growth, her sales strategies and learnings, as well as the Theory of Change for her business and how she is using Naz Naturals and her personal story to empower young women in Liberia.

One of our many favorites from the AfricaX interview series.

You can also find the full interview with Satta Wahab on Youtube.


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