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How Danielle Benedict Moreau started Sakura, a Business producing Natural Fruit Juices in Gabon

Meet Danielle Benedict Moreau, the founder behind Sakura, a fresh natural juice company in Libreville Gabon.

Danielle started the company after she got inspired by her little niece. She observed her little niece being independent and quite active for her young age. At that phase in her life, Danielle did not find a job, despite a university education and trying her best. Taking an example from her niece, she decided that it was time to get independent and active.

Since fresh homemade juices were something that had helped her overcome an illness herself, she decided for that to be her product to go to market with. Today, she sells her drinks through gas stations, a number of restaurants and shops in Libreville, is employing staff and has been able to grow even during the Corona Virus situation.

In the interview she speaks about:

  • How she launched her natural juice business with not much more than a cooling bag, fresh juices and determination
  • How she managed to reinvest the money she made to eventually open a store, finance her education in the beverage industry and come out with a professional production system
  • How she has set up a recycling system for the bottles she uses
  • And why she urges her fellow citizens in Gabon to produce and consume more local products to change the economy

There is a lot of gold and inspiration in this interview and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And now, without further ado, enter Danielle…

You can also watch the full interview with Danielle Moreau, founder of Sakura on Youtube HERE and the Trailer to the interview HERE.

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