MACQUARIE MEDICAL CARE: How Armid Azadeh & Tosaline Auene Decentralize Healthcare in Namibia with Telemedicine

In this interview meet Armid Azadeh, the founder of MACQUARIE MEDICAL CARE and Tosaline Auene, Response Coordinator at MACQUARIE MEDICAL CARE, who speak about how they provide health for remote communities and lodges in Namibia through telemedicine and digital health innovation. It all started when Dr. Armid, after his return to Namibia around 2010 and 11 started to…

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Hakeem Jimo, co-founder VeggieVictory

How Hakeem Jimo & Bola Adeyanju started Nigeria’s First Plant-Based Food Tech Company Veggie Victory

Meet Hakeem Jimo, the co-founder of VeggieVictory, a Lagos based company that was the first to introduce vegan meat substitutes into the Nigerian market on a commercial scale.  Hakeem and his wife Bola Adeyanju started VeggieVictory as a vegan restaurant, after Hakeem, himself a vegan for many years, came back from a trip to Asia where…

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How Karima Grant Creates Changemakers and Systemic Change in Education with Kër ImagiNation & ImagiNation Afrika

Meet Karima Grant, the co-founder of Kër ImagiNation Playschools & founder of ImagiNation Afrika. Karima’s vision is a world where African children become changemakers to solve the problems of development. With Kër ImagiNation she and her team design, test and implement innovative educational programs and environments that integrate play-based learning, hands-on approaches, problem solving, as…

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