AfricaX Changemaker Interviews Evariste Aohoui PARO-CI AfricaX Interview Blog Thumbnail

How Evariste Aohoui leveraged Co-Creation to build PARO-CI, an e-waste management company, in Abidjan from scratch

An Ashoka Fellow and previous French Teacher, Evariste Aohoui started PARO CI in 2011 because he was tired of how dirty Abidjan was. Initially, they did small and specific activities like cleanups as volunteers, taking the opportunity to sensitise people about keeping the environment clean. Later on is when they started to focus on e-waste…

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AfricaX Changemaker Interviews Wiatta Thomas - Dare to Innovate and Aquafarms Africa

How Wiatta Thomas helps launch dozens of privat sector impact businesses through their non-profit incubator Dare to Innovate in Conakry, Guinea

Wiatta was born and raised in the United States of America, but has her roots in Liberia and Sierra Leone. During her last year in university, she took three courses (Ecology, Sociology of Economics, and African Economics) that significantly changed the course of her life. It is during this time that she realised that the…

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AfricaX Changemaker Interviews Richard Brandt Codetrain Interview Picture Art

How Richard Brandt started Codetrain, Ghana’s biggest Code School, from his kitchen table

Richard Brandt started Codetrain, Ghana’s biggest commercial coding school from his own kitchen after quitting his freelance role as a consultant, to focus on teaching young Africans the coding skills full-time and matching them with companies for employment opportunities. In our interview with him, he shares about the beginnings of his journey into entrepreneurship and…

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AfricaX Changemaker Interviews Regina Honu - AfricaX - Tech Needs Girls Ghana

How Regina Honu teaches thousands of girls how to code and create technology in Ghana

Regina Honu is a Ghanaian computer scientist, founder of Soronko Solutions, a software enterprise and a Changemaker, that has taught thousands of girls how to create technology and to code through Tech Needs Girls Ghana and Soronko Academy.  Now Regina might seem like an unlikely entrepreneur. Like many of us, growing up, she believed that…

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